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An internet meme that lurks on social networking sites (often getting deleted, then reappearing weeks later). It is assumed that the corn cob is male because of it's interest in straight teen pr0n.

The avatar is various photographs of a person wearing a corn costume. Bloodshot eyes are photoshopped over the costume's eyes.

He does not *speak* other than the phrase "huh?". He will post the phrase on his friends' or fans' walls, comment sections, profiles or photographs, depending on what social networking site they frequent.

His friends will find photos of anything corn related and photoshop it into a bong, then send it to him, post it on his social networking page, or tag him in the picture.

People often tease him angrily or try to coax him into saying anything other than "huh?", often to no avail.
EIEIO posted "huh?" to the photo of me smoking weed while banging a Catholic schoolgirl today. I think he approves.
by MsMaryContrary September 21, 2009
A crude misspelling of the word "farm".
Ol' McDonalad had a farm, EIEIO.
by Luc Child July 02, 2007
the nurserey rhyme and no it is not from bingo the dog song.
me: there was a farmer who had a dog, eieio. you: you idiot!!! thats the wrong song! its there was a farmer who had a dog and bingo was his.......
by aliensdoexist December 04, 2006
dun u all know the dam farm ryhme
and on his fucking hoehouse farm eieio
by farm goat May 10, 2003

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