a.k.a. - Extensive Flirting Syndrome

noun. a disease in which the sufferer experiences uncontrollable giggles and a plethora of positive behavior towards a particular target, usually of the opposite sex.
"My bestfriend is suffering from EFS."
by Dominooo May 07, 2006
Top Definition
EFS is an abbreviation for Excessive Facebook Syndrome. The term is used to describe people with hyper activities in Facebook, that even can bother them to function.

Common signs are such excessive use of computer, laptops, phones and all mchines that is easily connecting to the internet. Some symptoms are insomnia, fatigue, eyes problems, less productivity, having hard time to study or do work and complaining about oneself life.
Unlike Excessive Facebook Syndrome ,EFS, Facebook Deficiency,FD, has no complications and it is easily treated.
by Allawee August 25, 2010
A term used by many skydivers. Simply, it means, "Eat, Fuck, Skydive."

Hence the acronym, EFS
Hey Mark, blue skies! What's up, Kevin? Nothing but EFS, brother.
by HatefulPilot August 21, 2011
The phrase used by the tools of the southeastern CT scene.
"EFS!, I'm a tool! I'm a tool!"
by DILLfrshtildeath November 11, 2007
Edited For Sarcasm:Used in internet forums, to convey an even harsher subtle form of sarcasm. Maybe directed at an individual or group when modifying a quote or story. Also acceptable, as an inside joke between users on the forum.
"ZOMG! The obligatory "OMG HALO" post! I'm so cooool anti-conformity FTW!!!"

When Edited for Sarcasm (E.F.S.)...

by Ihatesoup May 11, 2007
eat fucking shit. originally thought of by Eric Ross of And Then Came The Waves, it was a joke. it was thought of in the car on the way to an If I Had Eyes show, poking fun at their song, "Loose Lips Sink Ships" that started off "GET FUCKING BENT ARGHHKJHDFGLRTBGR BREE BREEEEE!!" eat fucking shit was born.
life is pungent, so EFS.
by electro ethan ultra June 19, 2007
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