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Edited For Accuracy.

Usually used on forums when someone posts something they believe is fact and another more knowledgeable person quotes and edits the post, adding 'EFA' at the end.
Person 1:
The moon is made of cheese. I am cool.

Person 2:
QUOTE (Person 1): "The moon is made of various elements. I am a douche."
#edited #modified #correctness #corrected #accurate
by mikeyzs February 23, 2010
E.F.A., short for "Equality For All", is supposedly the world's first bestiality-rights organization.
She could be the president of E.F.A.
#peta #nambla #equality #dog-fucker #animal-fucker
by Prickly Bear September 07, 2010
A greeting for one to another.
Actual definition:
Efas Dude = 1"Hey man, you cool" or 2"Laters dude, take care"
Comes from the word: "Safe" Spell Backwards
1 Lad: Efas dude...
Mate: Cool dude
2 Lad: Safe man, im off...
Mate: Efas ;)
#efas #safe #laters #cool #wicked
by Jack Nolan April 02, 2008
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