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A place were all pleb's and no hopers go to live out the last of there boring pointless exsistance
OH no my life is over I have been transferred to EDR
by Sir Bobeth of Pott's August 29, 2003
Abreviation of Emergency Dump Run. The journey to the bathroom to take a dump. No matter how quickly you run the journey still seems to last for ever.
Excuse me for a second mom, EDR!
by Arbo68 May 03, 2011
Efficient Dandruff Removal. This is when you take a comb and saw it back and forth, removing dandruff from your scalp, and then to wayway the comb swae and fore to remove dandruff.
"Dude, I pulled a EDR on my pubes."
by Rice Hater June 28, 2005
Abbreviation of Epic Delayed Reaction. Used for situations where somebody is extremely slow to pick up on something.
Oh, I get it now! I was having an EDR.
by renderedren June 15, 2011
what happens after a energy drink junkie doesnt have any drinks after a while. said person will go through a EDR or Energy Drink Reuse. a form of withdraw where the junkie becomes irratable, and unstable going through empty cans trying to salvage that last drop from each to prevent a crash.
Doyle hasnt had any energy drinks in a while and hes goin nuts... i think hes got EDR... poor guy.
by Zebes July 10, 2008