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what happens after a energy drink junkie doesnt have any drinks after a while. said person will go through a EDR or Energy Drink Reuse. a form of withdraw where the junkie becomes irratable, and unstable going through empty cans trying to salvage that last drop from each to prevent a crash.
Doyle hasnt had any energy drinks in a while and hes goin nuts... i think hes got EDR... poor guy.
by Zebes July 10, 2008
noun; sombody who is addicted and/or drinks a shit load of energy drinks. short for Energy Drink Junkie.
Doyle is such an EDJ. he just sits there and drinks Monster and Jolt all freakin day!
by Zebes July 10, 2008
Noun: a person who is either insanely anoying or stupid. a more socialy acceptable way to call somebody a "duche- bag."
Johnny wouldn't stop buggin me last night. He was being a major Spuh- Dunk!
by Zebes July 10, 2008

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