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Excessive Compulsive Disorder

The overwhelming itch to post what you are doing, feeling, experiencing every second of the day and in turn, letting people know useless information. Usually in the form of status updates, mobile uploads, tweets, posts, location and messages.
"Jane Summers is watching Gossip Girl" 15 minutes ago
"Jane Summers is painting with silver polish!" 3 minutes ago
"Jane Summers is redoing her nails" 2 minutes ago
"Jane Summers hates her nails" one minute ago
"Jane Summers is painting her nails pink" a few seconds ago
"Jane Summers is now doing them in yellow" a moment ago

"Jane's updates are all over my News Feed man!"

"She must have a bad case of ECD"

"Yeah dude, but seriously, no one cares... ohps! Now it's back to silver"
#tags #posting #social networking #compulsive #excessive #ecd
by Doctert7r567r5 October 19, 2011
Estimated Completion Date
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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