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Over-eating/Improper-eating, leading to over weight or obese body weight conditions, higher than a person's scientifically determined weight range.

It has its origins in improper mental processes regarding eating and emotional/psychological issues, leading to somatic effects (adipose tissue formation, hyper-weight related pathologies).
Some people say he's fat because eats lots since he lacks will power, others may say he has Excessive Consuption Disorder - ECD.

(talking about someone)
"You know, that fat girl who you saw at the tube station the other day.."
"Oh! you mean that girl with ECD?"
by Polyhistor June 25, 2009
The act of converting a highly flavoursome or spicy dish of african/asian/etc origin, to a bland, dull and less spicy-flavoured version. This consequently makes it suitable for consumption by mainstream english-speaking people who have conservative food tastes. This can also be applied to bland/dull dishes created in the western world but attributed to foreign origins.
The famous curry-influenced cuisine of India was blanderized by the introduction of spiceless packet curry mixes to the shelves of a local supermarket.

Chow mein is a recently created meal of the 20th century, comprising of generic meat, vegetables and spices. It is often attributed to china, but has more local american origins.
by polyhistor May 05, 2009

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