EBF, less commonly known as "Epic bodily fail", is a rare disorder brought about by excessive consumption of the 3 godly fluids, Coca-cola, cherry coke and Dr Pepper. Caffeine and glucose dominate the white blood cells in the blood stream, resulting in a cataclysmic meltdown of bodily functions, and eventually death. Be careful kids!
EBF claimed its 1st victim in 2007, when litte Timmy Turner overdosed on cherry coke on his 8th bday. An unfortunate loss im sure you'll agree...
by King Coke August 07, 2008
Exclusive Butt Fucker
Dude, I was with this girl last night and she's totally down.... I put it right in her ass and it was like butter.... she's a total EBF!
by Napoleon 23 February 06, 2010
eye ball fucking
Sue likes to ebf all the boys.
by cassie lyn December 17, 2009
Excessive Back Fat
Studies show that the leading cause of death for Middle Eastern men is EBF syndrome.
by Mortimer Wallace August 05, 2008
epic best friend
you are my ebf!
by Sooooobhava the Guava May 02, 2010

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