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"EPIC AS FUCK!!!" (EAF) is a useful acronym that can be substituted for phrases like: "really good"; "very awesome" and/or "waaay bomb."

"Yo Ma, this meatloaf is EAF!!!"

"Bra, that "double-pits-2-chesty" was EAF!!!"

"Yo Doc, that re-constructive knee surgery was EAF!!!'

"D00D, this Gruyère is EAF!!!"

by Z_R341 February 02, 2010
Efficient As Fuck
It defines the master of efficiency
Let's be EAF today, we have only 30 min for the meeting.
by WWPD February 02, 2016
Short for "Exposed Ass Fart".

When you do a fart bare-assed without any pants or underwear on.
Bob farts in Freds face
Bob: What the hell man! I am so going to do an EAF in your face now!
by Johnbob Jones April 20, 2009
it means "easy and fast"
"i pwn him eaf"
"i finished this game eaf"
by lambot July 22, 2005
Eaf means absoloutely nothing, but can be used in context to replace just about any word or convey an emotion.

Can be used as an acknowledgement, greeting, agreement, protest, etc. depending on what tone it's used in.

Speculated to have originated in the clarinet section of Bayside High School's (Palm Bay, FL) marching band some time around 2001-02.

"Grrr, arrrrrr, eaf, and other such expletives."

"Fuckin.... . . eaf.. . oi.. ."
by Fritz September 29, 2003
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