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Typically a 'friend' within a website or online setting exclusively; which ironically don't allow for the depth of interaction, rapport and social connection that friends of a conventional nature share.
Her friends offered to drive her to her doctor's appointment; while her e-quaintance's weren't even aware she was ill.
by B M Crowe January 15, 2007
a person whom one knows but who is not a particularly close friend nor have they ever met and ony communicate via the internet.
So I have this e-quaintance with 325544342324 Gig of pr0n he is going to burn for me.
by megagina August 27, 2009
A person you have befriended via electronic communications, most commonly email but can include MMORPGs, MPOGs, Web Blogs, mail lists or Instant Message systems.
I got this cool link from an e.quaintence I know from
by Dr. Johnson January 12, 2004
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