Rated E for Everyone
The E Rating Means Anyone Can Play It!
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 15, 2008
Short for email, social networking and electronic combined. Implies the speaker is checking several social applications on their smart phone within a short period of time (email, twitter, text messages, yahoo instant messanger, etc.). Used often by ecommerce, eBay and Amazon sellers as they have to check daily and often for email notifications of sales and payments to maintain good customer service.
I'm checkin' my e'. Oh cool, I just sold somethin', 'n mom sent me another photo of my niece. Damn it, work just texted me they don't need me. I needed those hours.
by scrapforce July 24, 2010
"E", commonly mistaken for the street term Ecstasy or MDEA, E is actually the term reffered to type of girl.

Like the drug Ecstasy, E's often attends parties, clubs, social gatherings, sporting events, and is an active participant in all of these. These girls will often find themselves a man who they feel comfortable with, and much like the drug, E girls deplete their man any problem they might have, causing the high. In small dosses E's can be managed, but there has been reports that men who spend a lot of time with E's become addicted to there smarts, wits, ambitions and sex.

Be aware, having sex with an E girl is by far one of the most exilerating experiances a man could ever experience.
Furthermore, when an E girl meets a J guy and they engage in sexual entercourse, is isn't called sex, its called living, as the feeling of life isn't complete until E and J are togethor.
On the phone....

Sean: Hey J, what did you do last night?
J guy: E came over, we were fcking the entire night, my neighbours are going to kill me.
Sean: You live in the country, you don’t have any neighbours, the closest thing too you is that dog kennel a mile away.

J guy: The dogs are dead Sean, Dead
Sean: Wow…what are you going to do?
E girl: Hey Sean! J guy c’mere

J guy: What do you think I’m going to do?
Click…..dial tone
Sean: J guy? E girl? Hello?
by crazzycracka October 02, 2010
Properly known as E!, it is a channel on TV which broadcasts popular shows such as
-The E! True Hollywood Story
-E! News
-Live on the Red Carpet
-Chelsea Lately
-Top 100 (hottest bodies, richest teens, most expensive mansions, dirty divorces, etc.)
-Reality shows that allow you to watch the lives of random celebrities such as Anna Nicole Smith, The Kardashians, The Lohan Family, Denise Richards, The Playboy Girls, etc.
I love watching E, my favorite show is "The Girls Next Door"
by shizzle032093175 June 26, 2008

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