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an E dawg is somone drives a roflcopter and shoots lolRockets at people with moles or ants on thier cheek , she likes alot of scran , carnt give E dawg enouf scran , when you do she goes crazy , if you mention guitares she will piddle , everywere , flood the music block (what block) . she runs around like a jamamgie and screams *i wov gwuitares* she is normally friends with a hippy . who has no knees , yes you heard me ,,, no knees
i saw E dawg today , she was licking some scran off a wall
by T dawg . muchin that scran April 24, 2009
A blonde girl who looks as if she has downsyndrome. Also, attacts males due to her lack of common sense.
Man, E-dawg drooled all over me yesterday, but she sure is hot.
by Rabbit Yoda March 20, 2007