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1. Contraction for "Norv Turner", currently the head coach of the cratering San Diego Chargers. Used to describe the pinnacle of dysfunctional head coaching abilities conversationally.

2. They've been Norved, e.g. cursed by several years of bad luck Murphy's Law, or just plain pathetic.

3. Norving, the act of being Norved. See FUBAR and AJ Smithed.
His team was beaten so badly, they must have been norved from the initial kickoff.

The norving is strong in that one, Luke.

All norved up beyond recognition.
by fujikawa October 02, 2007
1. Any executive action by Dean Spanos stunted slime, incompetent team president of the San Diego Chargers, who single-handedly tossed his entire 2007 season in the crapper before it even got started.

2. Bending over to receive a good bumming from an insecure weasel and getting nothing in return.

3. Failure to grasp the consequences of a poorly thought out decision.

4. Firing the coach who led your team to a 14-2 record.
Dysfunctional Dean Spanos...stupid, stupid, stupid.

Dean Spanos, in a moment of dysfunctional reflection, “I fired the wrong Bobby”.

What the heck happened to this 2007 Charger team? Why are they so dysfunctional?
by fujikawa October 02, 2007

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