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The world's best League of Legends player, who acts as a spy within the TeamSoloMid house.

His current goal is to prevent them from being able to play by eating all of their food, in order to malnourished them.
Rainman: "Dyrus finished off all the cereal again, Regi."
by Riblehor November 03, 2011
A man of unrelenting, immeasurable grit. His manly musk rivals that of world class Mr. Universe contestants with his chiseled glutes, washboard abs, and rock-hard pectorals.

He's well known for his baylife mentality and overpowered Hawaiian swag in the League of Legends professional scene as well as his ability to single-handedly change the metagame to popularize underused champions.
Scrub Baddie: "Wow wtf, why are you Olaf top? gg we lose."
Enlightened Player: "Dyrus did it and raped. Olaf is totally viable."
by Aeon Angel November 03, 2011