very attractive girl, very hot, sexy as hell, on a scale from 1-10 a perfect 10
As that hot girl passed every guy in the room thought "Wow look at that dyme."
by crystal May 22, 2003
one that is a 10 in the face.
Baby imma Dyme, Ten in the Face, Slim in the Waist, Phat in the you want a taste?
by Pimptress March 12, 2003
A fine ass female!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Im lookin' for a dyme dats top of the line. Cute face, slim waist, wit a big behind"

from: Ying Yang Twins ft. Mike Jones
by Marcus_090 June 21, 2006
good girl, inteligent, with nice ass
Good girls, bad guys(featuring Dyme) DMX
by Paul January 02, 2004
A girl with a cute face, slime waist , and a big behind.
Melissa Ford is a Dyme.
by Bret From She-Town December 25, 2005
Fine azz female
halle berry,Aaliyah,free
by Lessie January 11, 2003

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