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1. Straight, A-sexual dudes that prefer the company of lesbian women.

2.The Opposite of a fag-hag.
That dude is not gay and never has a girl friend but I always see him hanging with that lesbian chick,
I think he's a Dyke-Mike.
by Dyke-Mike October 22, 2004
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counterpart/correlary to fag hag

someone who identifies as a man and spends most of his time around dykes/queer women; usually a gay man, though not always.
person 1: who's that guy hanging out with all those lesbians?
person 2: whatever, he's their dyke mike.
by class of '06 May 18, 2006
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a male who is sexually arroused by two or more lesbians esp; if said two or more lesbians are participating in sexual deviances or practices.

lesbian or dyke(ie; vulgar) can be represented by but not limited to photographs, drawings, graphic descriptions (verbal, nonverbal,written).

Not to be confused as a comparison of faghag- where as it is found that a male arroused by lesbians does not seek out companionship of said lesbians as in contrast to faghags or a woman arroused (and etc)by homosexual males.
"My boyfriend is such a dykemike, he wanted me to kiss Susie with tongue - I'm her sister!"
by whitefinalpill March 27, 2005
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