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A person who hates the French, specifically French Canadians (who doesn't?), and who jumped ship from PS3 to XBOX because of YouTube Money. He coined the phrase Striker Faggot after consecutively rage quitting to "Dead Silence" users with Strikers, after which he was trolled for days by none other than zomwtfbbqrofl.
Striker Faggot #1 goes to construction or Hardhat, proceeds to corner camp and one shot Dy5function using "Dead Silence"

Dy5function rage quits faster than you can say Type 95.
by StrikerFaggotsAlliance February 15, 2012
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Insanely dirty call of duty player. Likes little kids in his van. Chips
"Best trickshot in call of duty?" "Dy5function"
by BcCalculus February 15, 2012
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