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Moron, simpleton.
She is such a dweeb! What an idiot!
by Xiao July 16, 2002
62 112
A self-absorbed ineffectual person
'Pure Mathematics' is for dweebs.
by Isaac Newton August 11, 2004
29 85
A student who studies excessively
"no it's this.. blahblah"
"you're such a dweeb!"
by TeenyP October 01, 2006
20 78
Dweeb used to be a politically incorect & rude term to refur to the mentally retarded, but now refur to any shmo who is a victem of circumstances, constantly embarassing themselves in public with clumsiness, have terrible fashion sence, & ofthen tend to have annoying voices. Dweebs never become geeks or nerds.
See geek & nerd.
by Allaiyah February 29, 2004
86 144
A common production toilet...a term used by pumbers.
What $ amout is in the contract for the dweeb
by Z December 17, 2003
11 70
Damascan Alexandrin also known as Sandu my boyfriend which i love very much !

me: whats up honey ? Sandu : i'm on a raid in wow , bitch off ! me : love you too baby, you dweeb....
by InFlames1006 September 07, 2008
10 72
Game involving the name calling of a player, dweeb. Created in 2006 by Jark, Neff, and Townsend. Played with two players. Player one summons player two by simply speaking, "Hey (insert second player's name or nickname)." At this point in time, the second player will acknowledge the summon. If the second player replies with "P-tec" (short for protection), player one may not dweeb them. However, if player two replies with anything other than "P-tec" (including a two second acknowledgment look), player one may call player two "dweeb."
"'Hey Tim Neff.' 'P-tec!'" or "'Hey Dylan!' 'Sup?' 'Dweeb.'"
by Tim Neff May 08, 2007
8 70