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Dutcher or Dutch, is a pejorative term for a person who is deemed sexually promiscuous. The term has traditionally been applied to women and is generally used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement. Dutcher has also been reclaimed as a slang term. The word "Dutcher" has long been in use to refer to a woman in contempt, (Bitch)

(Dutcher, is another word for, Slut, Skank, Hoe, Bitch, Cunt, STD Whore, Whore & often times is used to offened another women your jealous of.)
"Dude, that girl over there, with her G-string hanging out, must be a total dutcher."

"I don't want a relationship, I just want a dutcher to spend the night with, and have a little fun."
by puree_sunshine@yahoo.com June 19, 2009
12 4
When someone is hit in the head extremely hard with a door. It is usually accompanied by pain and suffering but never death.
Yesterday Larry dropped his keys in the parking lot. When he went to pick them up a kid flung open the car door and gave him one hell of a Dutcher.
by Pesach ben Nussan Yisrael April 08, 2009
6 4
usually someone that is a bitch, cunt, twat, or all of the above, usually the last name of a girl from Roscoe.
Wow, that girl is such a Dutcher.
by NightRider007 March 25, 2008
11 10