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When a girl is giving a blowjob under the sheets and the male proceeds to create a dutch oven.
Coleman: She started blowing me last night and I gave her the burliest dutch steamer.
Andy: What'd she do?
Coleman: Took a deep sniff and kept going
by Cool People Are Cool November 19, 2014
The act of defecating in a pot and placing it on a hot plate in your ex-girlfriend's dorm room.
Gross! That bastard left a dutch steamer in my room! They had to fumigate my whole floor.
by El_choco September 18, 2008
a Dutch Steamer is performed by walking up to the shower while your old lady is steamin' up and simply farting into her area and closing her off from getting out. Then letting her enjoy the smell of your anus/rectum for at least 30 seconds.
"Dude Drake really pulled a Dutch Steamer on Betty last night! She told me it was the best she's ever had!"
by Dr. Ake. December 09, 2009
When a man defecates on a woman's vagina and then engages in sexual intercourse with said vagina. He then ejaculates on the fecal matter and rubs the mixture on her chest. Hopefully, it's still steaming at this point.
In order to drill as close as 10 miles off the US coast, a member of the oil industry must perform a Dutch Steamer on a member of the Mineral Management Service.
by IveBnStmed September 18, 2008

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