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How you spell Dutch Rudder when you are a dumbass.
Jon: I'm a fuckface, would you like to give me a dutch rutter?
by Weissguy May 25, 2009
While a man holds his own erect penis, somebody else works his arm. being almost as if they are jerking him off.
She didn't want to touch my penis, so she gave me a Dutchrutter.
by clyde074 December 08, 2008
When one person grabs their penis, and has another work their arm until they ejaculate.
She wouldnt ride my cock like a carnival ride, so i settled for a dutch rutter.
by Colonel Slips November 05, 2008
When one is masturbated by another as the other individual works ones arm while the individual has their hand at their privates.
Guy grabs junk, girl grabs guy's arm and moves his arm for him. Girl is causing the motion, guy is benefiting. Almost as a sexual "Stop hitting yourself."

Hey man, you ever get with that chick the other night? Nope, she wouldn't even give me a dutch rutter.
by updownleftright November 01, 2008
A dutch rutter is where you, yourself grab your penis after obtaining an erection. A male or female then grabs your hand.... While still holding your cock. That person then begins to move your arm in a motion for you. Thus jerking you off. But without touching your cock. There is also a double dutch rutter... where obviously to homosexuals or just friends do it.
Dude that dutch rutter was amazing last night!!! Yea i know man, but my arm is killing me. Really? Mines not.
by Dr. Steve Brule1 November 06, 2008
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