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Masturbating with a friend's help. One's hand grasping his own penis, while his other hand has a thumb or fingers in his anus. Another guy works both the first guy's hands until the first guy ejaculates.
I made a big mistake on Monday, I walked into Eric's house and found his buddy Nick giving him the Dutch Fudge Rutter.
#anal #masturbate #dutch rutter #mutual masturbation #finger ass
by Bester_Chester October 10, 2009
The next evolution of the "Shocker" (two in the pink, one in the stink). Two fingers are inserted into the vagina and two fingers are inserted into anus, giving the unsuspecting woman an additional shock after the Shocker has been given
I gave Michele the Shocker last night, she slapped me for it, then I gave her the After Shock and I got slapped again.
#shocker #shock #after-shock #aftershock #stunner2
by Bester_Chester June 01, 2009
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