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Noun. A herpetological phenomenom. A person who can catch and identify any reptilian organism on Earth. Most likely found in the United States, but could be used to refer to reptile experts world-wide.
"I can't believe he found an indigo snake - I've been looking for one my whole life! He's such a durso."
by southpaw.. December 15, 2008
The word means "Man who has skinny ankles" the words orgin is Gaelic.
1)Look its Durso, he snaps his angle everytime he hobbles.
2) I'm suprised durso can walk his ankles look like a chickens ankles.
by pablofelipe February 12, 2015
Chode. A small penis. In particular, a penis whose magnitude in girth exceeds its magnitude in length.
"Linux makes my Durso flacid."
"You're such a Durso."
by --ET December 03, 2008
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