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Noun: A small bong of marijuana.
"Do you want a stonker?" "No I want a durpa."
by Long Rod Von Hugen Dong69 October 18, 2013
n. A female that is unusually ugly, and/or fat. This breed of female is so ugly that one glance from her would make any mans cock shrivel up and hide like a frightened box turtle. This breed of female is so fat that smoke bellows from the thigh area of her stretch pants due to friction from her cellulite coated cottage cheese thighs. Durpas commonly have FUPA's.

A prefix or suffix may be added onto the word if the female in question is particularly hideous and/or fat. Examples of suffixes are durpa-saurus, durparantula, etc. Examples of prefixes are three toed durpa, giga-durpa, or triceradurpa.
Person A:"Awwww shit man. Look at that nasty bitch."
Person B: "Good God! We have a Durpa-saurus Rex on our hands here!"
by LUEcifer November 30, 2005
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