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The combination of driving a vehicle, receiving road head, and doing the gallon challenge with chocolate milk. When you finish, you puke up the chocolate milk on the head of the girl who is giving you road head.
Dude why is your car so smelly and sticky?

Sorry I got a durkee last night.
by Mister Lemons September 20, 2010
1: Durkee is the physical embodiement of a symbiotic being from outerspace. Durkee's will latch onto your brain and suck the life out of you

2: A famous brand of spices

3: Very successful and handsome people. Decended from bavarian royalty, these people are a super race of human beings
"I'm going crazy...maybe I got the durkee's"

"These breasts need some cummin. Grab the Durkee"

"God that dude is sexy. He must be born of a Durkee"
by Dooku2Booku October 04, 2008
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