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Durem is a town on the GaiaOnline map. It has two shops, owned by two NPC's Edmund and Moiria. In Edmund shop, you can by more suave and upper-class items for your Gaian avatar, while at Moiria's, you can buy items that show how independent and rebel your avatar is. There is also a Hair Salon, where a busty NPC by the name of Vanessa will change your avatar's hair style.

The VonHelsons, two twin NPC's, hosted the The Second Gaian Anniversary Ball at their mansion, located in Durem. This was a major plot change, because it used to be hosted by Gambino, at his manion on the Isle De Gambino.
I went to Durem to buy some hot clothes.
by Ayokano May 08, 2005
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To Finger An asshole. Whether it be your own, or someone elses.
I gave myself a Durem last night, it felt real good.
by GiantScoobyDooFigurine February 11, 2011

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