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The true spelling of the term word"derb"\word.
The act of Fellatio. To give head or oral plesure.

The word can also be used to point out someone who is known for giving oral plesure.
Damn, that bitch knows how to durb.


by Xero May 23, 2003
Durbs is booda that tastes horrible smells horrible and is what you get when you dont live in Wolverhampton.
"Yo can u smell that, thats the durbs!"
by Max Peckting December 15, 2007
a really big liar, that has a really long neck
Durb 1: My friend through a bike over a 2 story house and the bike cleared it completely
Durb 2: I jump over a 10 foot fence and totaly cleared it!
by thorak May 12, 2006
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