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A person who a devoted fan of Duran Duran, a British band.
"Did you know that Susie dug one of Nick Rhodes' cigarette butts out of the trash can? She's the biggest Duranie I know!"
by Sar Star March 10, 2007
The name for the fan base of the British hotness that is Duran Duran. Duranies will do anything for the band. Duranies can be any age. Duranies range from Rabid fangirls to slight fans.
Cassey: So, did you meet that british hotness that is Duran Duran?
Caroline: HELL. YES.

Jacob: Ugh, all that traffic made me late!
Jimmy: I heard Duran Duran was in town. All the rabid Duranies caused trafic jams.
by GIMMEAWRISTBAND July 15, 2011
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