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What some people lovingly call Dunkin Donuts. A special Dunkin in Westchester County is open 24/7 and at least once a day a group of unusually good looking people can be found smoking their boges outside sipping on their French Vanilla iced coffees with milk no sugar, or Decaf coffees, sugar with a splash of coffee, lattes, or vanilla bean coolattas.... usually bitching about some Westchester drama and how much they all miss a certain cousin. We love Dunkin; without us Dunkin would be worthless because not only is it a caffine pitstop, it's an outdoor social lounge with a cement bench and plenty of parking. Dunkin, a way of life.
Person 1: "Yo.. the craziest thing just happened! Meet me at Dunkin"

Person 2: "OK, I'm with CK and I need boges, I'll be there right after I stop at BP and get boges"

Person 1: "K... good thing CK's here because I need a therapist and everything's better when CK's around"

Person 2: "Whatever like CK doesn't already know that... I'll be there soon"
by FreeTherapy April 04, 2006

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