An idiot who along with other idiots, thinks he's funny when he isn't.

Usually a Mod on a forum somewhere.
...."Oh man that Dingle is hilarious!"

"STFU, your as lame as Dingle the Dungle."
by Spot Hawk October 02, 2013
Top Definition
A batch of half-baked cookies; Cookies baked at the stage before golden brown.
I enjoyed a hot batch of dungle last night.
by Chub_Rock_360 June 07, 2009
Someone who is a doofus. Or a silly person. Similarly, used as a casual greeting among friends.
What are you doing, ya dungle?

Ya dungle, that's not how you make a cake!

Hey, ya dungles!
by Dungle27 March 21, 2011
An extremely large, runny or smelly turd
"I just took a dungle"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse June 14, 2009
Broadband dongles are crap so:

Crap (dung) + Dongle = Dungle
I am sick of trying to access the 'net using this dungle.
by Silverfox and Perisphere April 14, 2009

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