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slang term for vagina, frequently used for midday "romp".
We asked Randy to come along, but he's skipping lunch for dunch.
by Jaii October 24, 2007
3 6
A cross between lunch and dinner. Most likely to be served by your annoying grandmother between the hours of 3-5 o' clock pm. It is just like lbrunch but later in the day and with dinner foods. You can spot a dunch server by the excessive yelping.
Wow, we had breakfast at 2 today. That probably means we're going to have dunch today.
by Naomi aka Lil Cuz July 23, 2009
5 9
eating a dinner-sized meal for lunch. a more filling and/or more satisfying lunch option.
i am famished. i don't think a mere lunch is going to fill me up. i need dunch.
by twfiasco July 09, 2009
1 5
definition A- anything you want it to mean to insult someone.

definition B- an attention needy biznitch who will do anything for drama.
Definition A- wow look at that kid he is such a dunch

Definition B- Wow ronny is such a dunch.
by heythisisme July 02, 2009
3 7
Another word for teabagging. You feed downed opponents online dunch, giving them a heaping meal since most commonly you play between lunch and dinner.
i just feed that little lady some dunch!
by AAA eX November 17, 2008
1 5
A dump taken after or resulting from a large lunch.
As soon as I got back to the office I had to run to the bathroom for a wicked dunch.
by Drewwerd September 16, 2008
1 5
Stupid or unintelligible
It was pretty dunch of you to do that!
by DinenNSaelis July 10, 2008
2 6