someone who is a douche, cunt, and bitch all rolled into one
Kim asked to copy my Psych homework, and when the teacher caught her she turned me in. She's such a dunch.
by Shawn3 February 04, 2008
(noun) 1. Afternoon delight, basically any food consumed after lunch but before dinner. 2. Combination of dinner and lunch.
Brian can't talk he's got a mouth full of Dunch.
You've got some Dunch on your face
there's a hunk O' dunch in your tooth
The hot Dunch burned my mouth.
by Aaron Daugherty November 15, 2007
Dunching is when you make your partner get in a crunch position and do them from behind and when your about to finish you make them munch on your lunch!
"Dude I dunched that bitch all night long."
"Hey baby wanna dunch?"
"What's your favorite sex position?" "I like the dunch"
by J-Money, C-Dawg and M-Sheezy November 04, 2007
slang term for vagina, frequently used for midday "romp".
We asked Randy to come along, but he's skipping lunch for dunch.
by Jaii October 24, 2007
Another way to say "Donkey Punch"
Lots of dunching will cut off your privates.
by dont dunch March 19, 2007
The thin piece of skin that hangs down from the shaft of the penis and connects to the ball sack
Yo bitch, nibble on my dunch!
by Sizzlestein January 12, 2007
1) The worst possible thing you could be in human existence; a word that surpasses that of douche bag

2) Performing an act that puts your worst intrests in front of your good friends
1) "No Brian, that joke isn't funny, ya dunch!"

2) We dunched James when we left him in bed to go take the final.
by Yanners September 09, 2006

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