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1.a person who does dumb things.
2. an idiot
3. a person who has no sense of knowledge
He still buys that girl everything and she sleeps with the whole hoood. He is such a DUMMYHEAD.
by Money Skeens April 17, 2009
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A nice, playful way of calling someone less than intelligent. Most often used in situations where an individual has done something dumb and hurt himself.
Carl: Ouch! I just shut my hand in the door!

Steve: Hahahaha. Dummy head.
by Sneaky Pancakes June 04, 2009
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A wussy insult used by 6-Year olds or pussys that are afraid to swear.
"My mommy said I can't use bad words- so you're a dummyhead!"
by Crazefoot May 15, 2005
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