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Abreviation for boulevard of broken dreams, a Green Day song.
BOBD is the 4th song on american idiot.
by Crazefoot May 14, 2005
Boring; dull and repetitive.
"Well it (high school) is, Mom. It's that whole robotron attitude of education. confine, confute, conform-I've had totally enough of that scene."- Wendelin Van Draeen, Flipped
by Crazefoot May 14, 2005
A wussy insult used by 6-Year olds or pussys that are afraid to swear.
"My mommy said I can't use bad words- so you're a dummyhead!"
by Crazefoot May 15, 2005
The total listening value of a collection of songs.
The mixdown of the rock CD was awesome.
by Crazefoot May 14, 2005
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