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A femal who has Gotten drunk and started crying, dropped your beer, complained for an inexcusable amount of time, broken a glass piece, embarassed me publically by uttering loud racist/anti-homeless people remarks, walked into a wall, started dancing with your girlfreinds when "your song" comes on, complained again, caused drama cause there hasn't been enough in the last 7 minutes, thrown up on me or Matt Vahidi, sung in a cab or crowded elevator, abbreviated your girlfriends by their initials (i.e. You girls are my life forever KD MV PJ LK LF EM), played two friends, asked a guy to buy you a drink, told me you weren't drunk when you are falling on the floor retarded, got mad at me for calling you a dumb biddy, dropped the boyfriend bomb a solid hour and a half into the night, etc.,
But STILL looked damn HOT when you were doing so.
This is a Dumb Biddy.
I was at a bar and a Dumb-Biddy fell on my lap, she screamed, I smiled.
by Ari G October 10, 2005
A dumb girl
Shut up you dumb biddy!
by Robu February 02, 2010
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