Adding this word to the end of a sentence automatically makes the sentence true. Implies the obvious.
The moon is made of cheese, DUH!
by Mznv May 23, 2007
obvious; no kidding, sherlock!, or are you kidding me?
Erica: Do you think Taylor Laurtner is sexy?

Madison: Duh! He's like, the hottest dude in Hollywood!
by PunkRockPrincess22 February 24, 2012
1. meaning obviously

2. Said when being confused or stupid.
1. Only girls have vagina's, duh!

2. Duh.... Boys don't have vagina's?
by The monkey's Uncle. June 21, 2008
a word or phrase that describes the following: idiocity, question, exclamation, and that's friggin retarded, elly!!
ELLY: the paranhas are coming, the paranhas are coming!!!
SMARTICAL PPL: DUH! elly u r such an ugly and retarded bird!!
by angela stump May 06, 2006
When "The Chick " on meebo says duh, it means you're dumb.
You're so duh...dumb
by TheChick123 September 01, 2010
Something I say to my wife when she asks a question.
Do you want me to cook dinner tonight? DUH!!!
by Welder25 July 24, 2008
A phrase used when something of great ecxellence is hapening. Usually followed by pointing one finger to the ground and rotating it.
Two guys walk into a bar. A hot chick goes up to one of the guys and asks if he wants head. He would look at his friend, say duh and spin his twirling towards the ground.
by Big Chew June 23, 2005

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