2 definitions by Nig-Marty

The phonetic spelling for "DS", as in Nintendo DS, when you say it like a regular word instead of saying the letters "D" and "S".
This name can be given to any fanatic who obsesses over buying a DS.
Robin: Man I really, really need to buy a DS.
John: Shut up DS, or should I say, Duhs!
by Nig-Marty July 31, 2006
1. Riding in a car with someone who drives really fast. Usually this word is used when on a road trip or driving around with no destination in mind.
2. Bboying or breakdancing.
Let's go nig in your car. *you drive around aimlessly for hours going really fast*

You wanna go nigging after school?
by Nig-Marty July 31, 2006

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