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In Hebrew:
1) Pointing out the person you are speaking with just said a sentence you can relate to.
2) In the form of a question, the word comes to verify a sentence said before.
When translated into english:

A: Man, my commander is one silly bastard.
B: Dugri.

A: I had sex with your aunt!!
A: Yeah man i SWEAR!
by Yoshi2501 October 28, 2005
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A term used to describe "direct speech" in Hebrew. In the Hebrew language when two people are speaking, one person may begin to use more direct language, or dugri, in order to show a cultural, historical, or religous connection between the speakers. The origins and uses of Dugri were detailed in an award-winning essay called "Dugri: The Art of Speaking Directly" written by a noted Hebrew scholar.
"What are you up to this evening?"
"Nothing much"
"I'm thinking about playing some Call of Dugri."
"No way, me too, we should dugri later."
by Eihhhhm Yoel W. November 16, 2011

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