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A slang term for the very serious medical condition duphershypertrophy whereby the sufferer acquires over time excessive fatty tissues to the nasal region, giving the patient the not unpleasant features of a gnomish looking fellow; rosy cheeks from the strain of holding one's nose up all day, at times somewhat gormless facial expressions (which can be attributed to the drag-factor but more often can lead an innocent bystander unaware of the condition to conclude that the sufferer is possibly some sort of simpleton) and of course the ever-expanding, bulbous nose which grows and grows like in that fable about the enormous turnip...

Prognosis: Not good; rhinoplasty recommended.
What are you doing resting your nose on that snooker cue? Have you got Duffers' Syndrome or something?
by Mouldy123 March 17, 2011
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