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Noun used to describe the sort of person who could trap their own hand in a car door, fall down the stairs over their kettle lead, disappear down an open man-hole cover while out for a stroll, slip on a banana skin into a trifle and set themselves on fire while having a bath. Being a nath may also involve behaviours such as walking to the car to get an amp, forgetting what it was one went to get, coming back, remembering that the forgotten item was an amp when one finds nowhere appropriate to plug in the kettle lead, go back to get said amp and in the process forget where one lives. Being a nath, although similar in many respects, should not be confused with the onset on Alzheimers.
I know we're all laughing but is he just being a nath or is he actually experiencing the onset of early dementia?
by Mouldy123 March 17, 2011
A slang term for the very serious medical condition duphershypertrophy whereby the sufferer acquires over time excessive fatty tissues to the nasal region, giving the patient the not unpleasant features of a gnomish looking fellow; rosy cheeks from the strain of holding one's nose up all day, at times somewhat gormless facial expressions (which can be attributed to the drag-factor but more often can lead an innocent bystander unaware of the condition to conclude that the sufferer is possibly some sort of simpleton) and of course the ever-expanding, bulbous nose which grows and grows like in that fable about the enormous turnip...

Prognosis: Not good; rhinoplasty recommended.
What are you doing resting your nose on that snooker cue? Have you got Duffers' Syndrome or something?
by Mouldy123 March 17, 2011

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