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(N.) A new game that my cousin Matt, made up and thinks is going to sell millions of dollars. (Ah, sophmores. So young, so naive...)
Yugi Ketchum: Not so fast, Giovanni! Your Mewtwo's Hyper Beam attack won't deal any damage to my Charmander once I reveal my face-down item. Giovanni:No, not Bright Powder! Yugi K.:Yes, Bright Powder! That drops your Hyper Beam's accuracy down to 0% and my monster is still alive enough to use it's special technique, Body Slam! Giovanni:No, not that! My Mewtwo has become paralyzed, leaving your Charmander with the speed advantage! Yugi K.:And that's not all! I also activate this, Sunny Day, which will boost my Charmander's Fire-Type attacks by 200 attack points, while your monster, lies Fully Paralyzed and helpless! And I also activate this! A Critical Hit card! Giovanni:No, not a critical hit card! Yugi K.:And now... Giovanni:Oh no! Not that! Yugi K.:Fire Blast Attack! Your Mewtwo's life points have dropped down to zero. You lose, Giovanni! Giovanni:But how could I lose! My Mewtwo was unstoppable! My Millennium Pokedex assured me I couldn't lose! Yugi K.:It's all in the Heart of the Poke Balls, Giovanni! (you can thank Matt for all of this)
by G-Union May 16, 2003
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