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A kickass move on Pokemon.However, it's only really useful if you don't play online.
Arrghhh, I hate Gyarados and his Hyper Beam.
by o123 March 30, 2008
If you're a male, while receiving oral sex, just as you're about to ejaculate, you scream, "Gyarados. Use Hyper Beam!" Then you ejaculate on her face. If she starts complaining, say, "Gyarados must recharge".
Lewis was in a jocular mood, so he Hyper beamed his girlfriend after getting head.
by itsthedalton May 29, 2011
Rumored to be one of the most powerful attacks in the world that anyone can easily learn. But do they know it? No, cause there assholes.
Bully: I'm going to kick your asses!
Geek: ...
Nerd: What the fuck do you mean you don't know hyperbeam.
by Alex the Chao October 28, 2009
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