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An exclamation used after a person makes a joke which is particularly unfunny and nobody laughs at it.
John: I'm so boney!
Everybody else: DUES!!!!!
by walterg April 21, 2008
90 35
Contraction of dude, used when talking with a close buddy. Can be used in combination with Yeh.
Hey du'e, how's it goin?

Yehdu'e, that sounds good.
by Jupac December 30, 2006
0 6
the second person in the rotation when smoking weed.
Person 1: I got greens, (first)

Person 2: I got dues

Person 3: fine ill get tre
by funkmasterflex8965 June 29, 2010
9 19
Used in the PH aka prospect heights
and AH aka arlington heights

a word having no exact definition. used when talking about things that are not very serious vs Do, which is serious

Due means whatever. it can mean to hit somebody too.
go due that bitchass snitch

Due work

Due what it due

Donnie due the damn thang.
sagz due some work nigga.
by dmoney and sagz September 01, 2007
15 42
An abnormality in the Asian populace, a Due is an Asian male who is lazy and not very intelligent. Regardless of the intelligence difference, a Due shares many common idiosyncrasies with other Asians, such as: small penis, poor automobile operation, slant eyed, and creepy.
Oh shit, you see that Due over there? He just totally forced fingered fuck that girl on the dance floor.
by Chaz Banthia March 31, 2007
21 48
italian for "two"
Noi diamo due pompini.
We gave two blowjobs.
by Caterina June 07, 2004
22 63