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a) a term coined by a Pakistani immigrant, used to describe his relationship with his male friends.
a-1) the act or actions of male friends doing what they would do with females, but with their fellow male friends instead.

b) a UConn intrameral soccer (futbol) team with an overall record of being undefeated. Team members are:

Sij the Persian Paki
Eric the Tall & Lanky
Jamie the Irish
Schimdt the Red Irish
Damon the Persian Punisher
Alex the Ultimate Basinas
Alex the Big Bosc
Dave the Mini Bosc
Matt the NY Goalie/Queer
Tarek the Terrible Egyptian
After/during an act a male would normally perform with a woman, one can say, "It's just dudez bein dudez," thus negating the homosexual nature of said act.

Wow, Dudez Bein Dudez is an amazing soccer team!
by A Dude Being a Dude May 11, 2008
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