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The designated space between two males when sitting on a couch/bench/etc. Males should sit as far as possible/practical. The name is derived from the very first thing you say when somebody violates said space: "DUDE!.....WTF are you doing!?"

Only temporary violations of Dude Space are allowed, i.e., Dude #1 is busy talking to a chick, so Dude #2 reaches over his leg to grab the Doritos.

On a couch that seats three people, properly alloted Dude Space would require both dudes to sit with the middle seat unoccupied.
Dude #1: "Hey man, Let's play some Rainbow Six: Vegas."
Dude #2: "Sure, hand me a controller."
Dude #1: "Dude...what the hell are you doing?"
Dude #2: "Playing RS:V....why?"
Dude #1: "Scoot're violating my dude space."
by phroot March 18, 2008
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