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A Person with an extremely high-pitched voice. Usually the most annoying person in a group
That kid on Socom is such a duckhead, His balls really need to drop!
by Anonymous Guy22 October 03, 2006
An alternative to dickhead, or the bit on top of a duck's shoulders.
Jay Leno is such a duckhead.
by Steerz June 05, 2005
A girl who is not talented at giving oral sex, scraping the penis with her teeth a lot, somewhat like a beak would do
Kim is a duckhead.
by RyanTheMan99 October 14, 2009
made famous by flight of the conchords it is the way a kiwi (new zealander) pronounces dickhead.
bret: see ya later duckheads
by jemaine+bret July 05, 2009
A very annoying sibling.
"You duckhead! I hate you!" Sherry screamed at Susie, her little sister.
by Malani October 06, 2006

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