Hillbilly state west of Virginia. Filled with many white kids who have no access to any culture except for mtv which causes them all to act black. see whigger. The rest of the population is uneducated communist hippie-fucks who also only listen to rap music but hug trees at the same time. The parents of these are nascar loving, meth-smoking, pill popping, wal-mart shopping, mullet sporting, rednecks whose only source of income is welfare which all goes to buy budlight and maybe to replace the turn signals on their mobile home. see walmart
cultured person: hey man how was your trip to Dub-V?
cultured person 2: ...
by kill yourself please October 02, 2005
Top Definition
Refers to the state of West Virginia. A state that is commonly misunderstood and incorrectly represented many times. Also due to a lack of education many people don't even realize it's a state.
The sate of West Virginia or Dub-V is west of VA and MD east of Ohio and south of PA
by DubVgirl December 11, 2005
a nickname for West Virginia. Usually meaning West Virginia University. The reason is self eplanatory.
Joe: where'd you go this weekend?

Jake: DubV bro I got shitty as fuck.

Joe: oh word I love that school.
by DubV>Pitt March 17, 2011
The end result of the word shortening evolution of WHATEVER, to which WHATEVERS came about and then became WHATEVS which now can be shortened to DUB V(short for the practical initials WV). By definition a exclamatory word of dismissal in a conversation, and especially an argument.
"You know that you are not allowed to bring whip its into the club, even if you smuggle them in your go go boots...I hear they search you at the door."

"Oh, dub V!" As she heads towards the club entrance.
by psquared4b September 13, 2010
A infamous hood north of Pittsbugh .... Curently run by the BKS Possee
"Whats more ghetto compton or DUB-V" ?? "DUB V for sure CUH !
by P-DUB March 08, 2006
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