is a short name for a specific part of city in Ohio,West Carrollton.West Carrollton, yet small, has two different sides. The good part and the bad part depending on which side of the railroad tracks your on. Or what side of Central Ave your on. Some parts are nice suburbs with nice yards and some parts are pretty trashy and full of crime that is mostly committed by the youth that lives in downtown "Dub C". It's one of those type of cities that everybody knows everybody. One good thing is if you know the right kind of crowd, They usually got your back. West Carrollton has a enemy and that is neighboring city,Miamisburg. Most people from Dub C hate Miamisburg for several reasons such as they're high school football team and they're white trash welfare mamas with black kids. West Carrollton's school systems really sucks. Don't move there if you want your kids to get a good education! All in all, if your looking for something to do on a Friday or Saturday night, you can't always go to one of the many nice bars that West Carrollton has. Just don't try to pick up any of West Carrollton's girls. The "Dub C" girls are usually good looking but will most likely be trying to hustle you for something and they only date West Carrollton guys so don't even try! They are also usually trying to fight other girls.
"Hey, I think that girl at the bar likes me!"

"Na man, That's a Dub C girl! She's playin you dog! haha Her man is probably outside waiting to kick your ass!"
by Dubcdude February 10, 2009
Top Definition
ghetto name for West Chester PA
"Reppin the Dub C nigguh!"
by Doobie April 25, 2003
Refers to West Chester, Pennsylvania, the one true West Chester, not to be mistaken for Westchester, NY, or any other Dub C wanna-bes out there.
P 1: Wow! You are the coolest person ever! Where are you from?

P2: Dub C
by Bitty Mitty August 15, 2007
west chester, pennsylvania
i live in dub-c, pennsylvania
by chris hay October 15, 2007
Obese butterball chic with a clitoris comparable to that of a male walrus's penis. Can also be called Deanne when trying to be civilized. Dont be fooled as her vaginal region also smells like a fishermans fingers after a day at sea. Frequent Diarrhea has this woman on the toilet 3/4 of the day.
Damn is that DubC my waters shaking like jurrasic park
by outforrevengeonDeanneP April 29, 2010
Uprising Rap/Hip-Hop/RnB Artist out of Queens, NYC(7th Prez Heights)
Born Cyrus Chan on June 9th,1988
currently C.E.O. of Club C Entertainment
also known as C's, Cash Run Cy, Chino Suave
Damn, Dub C is freaking fly...
He's the type people wanna be when they get high... SMH....
by CyrusChan September 26, 2009
Dub C is a rapper from W.C and The mad circle. He was also in the group west side connection.
"West Side for life" Dub C
by B from the bay December 23, 2005
The abbreviated term for Wilmington College. Dub = “dubuha” C= “College”. A small private college in southwestern Ohio that has its finances and classes taught by liberals and the social aspects run by conservatives. It is rumored to have an extensive Greek life fueled by both the fact that the town is in the middle of nowhere and that the “proper authorities” (See Police) don’t give a fuck, cause they are either Greek alumni or have been bought mafia style. It has been frequented by people from the Natty (See Cincinnati) due to its extreme love of freedom and not giving two fucks. This has recently been a drawback due to the elevated crime and shenanigans that the Natty has associated with it. (See Slaves). Its more finer points include frats like “preppy” Blue Turkey, “don’t show up to the back porch without a fifth of jack and cowboy boots” Yellow bull, and a “Cause I got high” red fratstars.
"what goes on in Dub C on weekends?"

"I dunno, everyone either goes home on weekends or drinks like an alchoholic fish"
by TheBigBadBossMan May 23, 2012

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