when someone or somebody is acting rude or stupid and needs to get shot
Man, you dry cuh!
by Ya Boi is here today! July 31, 2010
Masturbation without any form of artificial lubricant.
You're masturbating dry if you don't use Vaseline
by Sean July 05, 2003
Drunk +High. Very fucked up.
"yo, what happened to you last night? you looked real drunk"
"I was dry man, fuckin' dry"
by Chelsiemarks October 30, 2006
when u smoke bud and your mind wonders off somewhere your face looks plain and stupid; the look on your face when your high and say a dumb joke and everyone turns silent
haha that boy got dry as hell... you could hear the wind blow his face
by reeza October 07, 2006
A male or female that cannot hold a conversation ,make shit awkward
Bruh jess dry as fuck all she text is hey and tru
by Shup1917 December 18, 2014

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