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A notorious tribe from West India with a very strong portugese heritage, in fact almost catergorically Iberian. Also known for sizzling football skills including Ronaldinho's true birth place. Well known for migrating to the British Isles, to rinse blighty at their own game.
D'Souza, as in any d'souza surnames, e.g. ryan D'souza, sick footballers
#d'souza #football #portugal #sick #live
by lordbare November 07, 2005
someone or something or some event which is well long and you cant be fucked. e.g. a mission to go get rizla. A person can be long in the sense that they are either boring or just so next and allowable and you cannot be arsed to chat to them. That or they are exceedingly lame.
dry -Yeo. As in that lanky gimp from up north.
#ross #yeo #dry #next #rizla
by lordbare November 07, 2005
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