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The act of raping someone while they still have their clothes on. Such as humping, but more aggressively so that it qualifies as raping.
Kelly: DUDE, Maggie totally just raped me while I was still dressed!!

Elise: Dude, you totally just got dry raped.
by LisieD September 15, 2011
When a girl comes and sits on a couch that you were COMFTORABLE on trying to sleep, and tries to hook up with you.
she dry raped me last night
by Dino Susan1 March 13, 2009
Schoolyard fun similar to the dry hump, yet the catcher is saying "No! No! Stop grinding me!"
Soon after Jimmy dry raped Elizabeth, his clothes were covered in blood and semen from the inside. She thankfully maintained her virginity
by 40 January 28, 2006
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